first time, maybe the last?

woooo.. on 23rd Jan, suppose got meeting with Eena, Hush Entertainment Sdn Bhd @ Harem.. i went therre with Mr Khairul a.k.a Zizi .. tp masa on d way tu, si Eena ni sms anak die Sameer x sihat.. so, postpone the meeting larhh.. so, as scheduled, zizi want to go to his company’s secretary .. so, g lar ke Sunway.. then, we blank… mane nk g eks.. so, azizi suggested we both go to Sunway Pyramid .. there, we just scrolling around.. dont know where to go.. btw, we met macam2 aznil crew.. and of course Aznil lar.. there are preparing for segment kantoi… ape lar dorg nk buat tu eks… so, we decided to watch it from far.. tp, lambek bona.. blah je lar… suddenly azizi have a plan… why dont we go to Kinrara Driving range and have a few shot? i said ” wow, that would be great.. so, there we are!

GolfingView : Azizi is taking a shot

a new xperience for me.. hopefully, it wont be the last…
that nite, i watch Malaysia vs. Spore (kat ESPN jer) .. very disappointing!! after the of the match, Azrai sms me… kutuk2.. seb baik kami x pergi (Azrai did ajak to go to the stadium) .. i very agree with him…

now is 2.05am 25th Jan .. got to sleep.. lot of thing to do tomorrow.. ayah ajak meeting lagi..
till then.. salam


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