it has been 4 yrs

21 May 2003 – dont know, was it considered a turning point or what? Mama was ‘taken’ by Him .. she left all of us without saying any words .. the situation in the hospital still fresh in all of our minds .. how come i can forget it? i m the one who told all my siblings about ‘she had left us all’ .. at that time, i dont know y it is so easy to me to tell them – “korang sayang Mama kan? tp Allah lagi sayang Mama .. Mama dah takde” .. Mama, we miss u so much .. if we were about to mention u, we never said ‘Arwah Mama’ .. just Mama .. coz u r still inside us .. inside our heart .. wish u be here .. alive .. only for maybe 5 minutes .. i want to hug u .. i want u to see Hazeeq n Haseef .. i always pray, Allah can give the 5 minutes to us .. eventhough i realise, it wont happen ..


Mama (Halimah Bt Dolah)
1955 – 2003

we planned to visit Mama’s pusara on Saturday 19th and perform a simple tahlil .. but busy with uwan & dikmi preparation to go to U.K. to visit MakTam & PakTam .. on Sunday morning, ayah went home late from Kuliah Subuh at Masjid, and then we all rush to KLIA .. but last night, Alhamdulillah .. Aby & myself has performed tahlil .. actually we did pray for her everyday, but last nite we did extra ..
Mama, u will always in our heart!

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