WordPress on mobile

it has been a long time since my last post here… but today, i found out that i can make a post using my phone! specifically, accessing my WordPress blog via my phone!! thank God i loveee wordpress! so now i can make a post while lying on my bed! the url : http://m.wordpress.com

so,few updates :
1. i ve start my futsal, again after went through 2 surgery last year. my 1st game was during ‘celebrating’ our new member of our family; my brother-in-law. thank God everything went well.
2. as i started to play futsal,again, my beloved wife bought me a new pair of Nike shoe; Nike Zoom T5!
3. i’ve resigned from KP9 Res0urces SB,my uncle’s. very sad about that. lot of new valuable experience i gained during my day at KPG..but what to do.. hope my departure can reduce the burden,less overhead..
4.and now, i m joining my frens from my MMU days at ‘the-school-of-change’; S3cretlab M3dia SB. here, i m mastering W0rdpress!
5.as for my family, my twin have started to go to the kindergarden.they showed an awsome development.even the teachers quite impress with their progress..Alhamdulillah..


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